Oct 23 2012

Drawing Online at thecreativeme.com

Ready to change your mood? The easiest way is to create art- online or off line. TheCreativeme.com offers a free and easy way to express yourself and become an artist. Each week a new inspiration motivates you to be a better, more happy person. Please look at the video to view the artwork from the anonymous artists that have be enjoying the benefits of the site for a year or more.

Come express yourself and grow!

Oct 22 2012

Online Journaling is Fun!

Are you looking for something fun to do? Consider going to thecreativeme.com to draw an image from the weekly inspiration and then journal about it. The drawing tools are super easy to use and you can quickly create a masterpiece that shifts your mood to a joyful place.

Look below at some of the online journaling inspirations! Enjoy!

Sep 18 2012

Be Inspired Online and Shift Your Mood

With the stress of everyday life, one can forget to step back and take care of themselves. Between work, home, family and friends, it can be difficult to carve out time for yourself to relax and enjoy your life.
One quick way that you can take care of you is by journaling. We think that online jurnaling that is accessible on your phone on on your computer is a convenient way to shift you into a less stressful space instantly for your health and well being. Studies show that creating art can be very healing.
Our site, thecreativeme.com, offers a weekly inspiration to shift you from the stresses of your busy week to a quiet contemplation. The founder, artist Brette Petway, gives this site as a gift to other to use to empower themselves to feel good. To see some of the art that people have created on the site, look below.

Sep 11 2012

Online Journaling can Benefit Depression

Anyone can benefit from online visual journaling, especially if your depressed or bipolar. Visual journaling also known as art journaling is writing and sketching combined.

The idea behind this to is allow you to express yourself more completely. When depressed, problems can be seen from a different perspective, often allowing you to see the bigger picture and you can also portray anxieties where you might not have the words to do so.

The online journaling allows for more concrete thinking. If you are bipolar, healing with art when you are manic helps to slow down your thought processes and you can manage your mood swings more easily.

Creating and maintaining an art journal is easy and you have a way to capture your thoughts, feelings and observations both visually and in words. Art therapists use journaling and art as healing therapy in their practice for many reasons, but mainly to allow the expression of self in a creative manner. Through using this type of tool, they have had great success with their patients learning and becoming emotionally and mentally stable even after a tragic event or when going through a difficult situations that hindered self expression.

With on line journaling everything is already provided for you and ready to use just at the right time when you feel you need to express yourself in some way. It is a convenient and handy tool at your fingertips always. Whatever emotion you are feeling, express it and you will have released it from being held up inside of you where it could cause you even more problems.

Regardless of your level of drawing or writing skills this type of healing though art is great to do. Start by doing something simple that is made up of basic shapes like triangles, squares and circles. These shapes are the beginnings of anything you want to draw anyway. You can always draw your name millions of different designs and swirls. Basically you can do any drawing and doodling, using color and images, creative writing and poetry, and any written dialogues that you want.

As you continue with your journaling you will discover how rewarding it truly can be.

Getting to know yourself better, body and mind, heart and soul, from a wonderful tool that provides you solitude where you can feel free to BE Yourself and let your expression flow. Creative On line Journaling is used for: personal growth, health, healing with art, creativity development, spiritual practice, and so much more. It can be a start to possibly help you with a discovery of the origin of depression or to clear a traumatic event or grief and loss.

You can say or draw what you are feeling. This starts the healing process. Express yourself through on line journaling and feel you have just made a giant leap toward finding your true and happy self.

Sep 4 2012

My Summer Collages

I want to share the collages that I created this summer that have helped me grow emotionally, spiritually and physically. I recommend that you try collaging too!
If you’d like to be inspired, go to http://www.thecreativeme.com and draw and journal!

Aug 28 2012

Art as Healing at the creativeme.com

Do you have an urge to express yourself visually? Many people arer visual learners and communicators. The online journaling and drawing tool at http://thecreativeme.com might be just the solution for you to grow emotionally. Each week a new inspiration is posted that helps you discover your true feelings and give yourself the gift of self love. Hundreds of people have visited the site to uplift themselves. We hope you will join in the fun!

We made a quick video for you- enjoy!

Aug 21 2012

We love journaling!

Do you need a creative way to process your emotions? A wonderful way to open up to your higher self is by journaling with The Creative me’s journaling cards- they help you open up and explore your feelings completely. First you select a card and then you match it with a page in the journal. The thoughts and feeling start flowing and are released creatively.

Here is a video showing some of the journal’s unique aspects- enjoy!

Aug 14 2012

Online Drawing and Journaling Tool

Here’s a new video for you to enjoy- I hope that it helps you shift your feelings to a happy place!

May 18 2011

weekly inspiration…..

a communal journal entry from thecreativeme.com draw NOW page....

dream, draw, discover & share.....

dream,draw, discover & share

inspiration this week – is it true? is it?

this is a communal entry from this week.. share one too @ thecreativeme.com

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May 16 2011


is it true? is it? share your truth….

dream,draw,discover,,,,do share…

inspire others….